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Every year nearly 2.5 million women and children die due to chronic smoke inhalation from open cooking fires. Your $100/month gift will help ECOLIFE combat this issue.
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Save money, save water, save space. Aquaponics is the green way to grow. Learn How!
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Convert any standard 20-gallon aquarium into a productive vegetable garden.
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latest news
  • [ May 21, 2014, CBS 8 News ]

    SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - A local company has developed a new, low-cost stove that helps save both lives and the environment.

    The Ecolife stove is currently being distributed in Uganda.

    In this CBS News 8 video story, Shawn Styles reports on how the stove works, and how it's helping to save an endangered animal.

  • [ March 11, 2013, CBS 8 News ]

    Monarch butterflies migrate north from Mexico every year, and they normally number in the millions. But experts say not this year, because the population is rapidly declining.

    In this News 8 video story, Shawn Styles reports from Windansea with why there is such a sharp drop-off and what's being done to save these butterflies.