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Every year nearly 2.5 million women and children die due to chronic smoke inhalation from open cooking fires. Your $100/month gift will help ECOLIFE combat this issue.
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Save money, save water, save space. Aquaponics is the green way to grow. Learn How!
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Convert any standard 20-gallon aquarium into a productive vegetable garden.
The ECOLIFE® Mission
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  • [ March 11, 2013, CBS 8 News ]

    Monarch butterflies migrate north from Mexico every year, and they normally number in the millions. But experts say not this year, because the population is rapidly declining.

    In this News 8 video story, Shawn Styles reports from Windansea with why there is such a sharp drop-off and what's being done to save these butterflies.

  • [ December 30, 2012, Magazine ]
    ECOLIFE Magazine (Summer 2012)
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    ECOLIFE® has been implementing aquaponics programs in San Diego for more than three years. Our effort to spread the word about aquaponics has been well received by the community, and our monthly workshops have consistently sold out. With the growth of our aquaponics program, it has become clear that we need to bring this remarkable system into California classrooms and offer unique learning and even career opportunities to some of the most under-served families in our state.

    Enter the ECO-Cycle AquaponicsTM kit. This innovative desktop system turns a standard fish aquarium into a productive garden. Sized for a standard 20-gallon aquarium and suitable for smaller tropical aquarium fish and goldfish (as opposed to food fish like tilapia), the ECO-Cycle AquaponicsTM kit engages families and students in a fun, creative, and productive form of sustainable agriculture.